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PDA presents anti-racist motion at STUC Congress

Last month, the PDA presented a motion at the STUC Congress as part of their work to help create a pharmacy sector that doesn’t just challenge racism but is actively anti-racist.

Fri 12th May 2023 The PDA

The motion was based around the PDA asking employers and unions to adopt the use of antiracist toolkits to eradicate racism from their workplaces and sectors. It was also part of a composite motion formally presented by the STUC Black Workers’ Committee and seconded by the PDA motion which was passed with universal support.

Below is a video of PDA BAME Network member, Urvi Vora who presented the motion on behalf of the PDA.


During the presentation, Urvi, a Scottish-based pharmacist, spoke about her personal experience of racism as a BAME pharmacist and why it’s important for trade unions and employers to lead the way in creating anti-racist workplaces.

In a recent survey sent to PDA members working in NHS Scotland, over 40% of respondents said that they didn’t feel their employer engages with all staff members to improve ethnic representation at work, whilst 30% of respondents said they were unsure. When asked about opportunities for BAME staff, such as acting up posts, secondments, and involvement in project teams, the majority of respondents also reported that there were none at all, a little, or they were unsure.

Based on these responses, it is clear that more needs to be done to address inequality and discrimination in the workplace. The PDA believes that it is not enough to simply be non-racist, everyone must be actively anti-racist.

In July 2022, the PDA BAME Network launched the pharmacy industry’s first Anti-Racist Pharmacy Toolkit, and the PDA actively encourages pharmacy employers to use the toolkit to drive positive change within their workplaces. The PDA will also be sharing advice on its work to assist other unions in replicating the efforts within their own sectors.

Read the official motion below.

Motions 75 and 79

Anti-Racist Workplaces Conference 

That this Congress believes it is not enough simply to be non-racist, but that we must all be proactively anti-racist and by extension so must our employers, educational bodies, and regulatory organisations.

Congress notes the successful ‘Fighting for Anti-Racist Workplaces’ Conference organised with the TUC and Stand up to Racism on an annual basis in London as part of the UK-wide anti-racist work of trade unionists.

Congress notes that the PDA Union, working with the PDA BAME Pharmacists’ Network, has created the pharmacy sector’s first Anti-Racist Toolkit and is encouraging pharmacists and pharmacy employers in Scotland to utilise the toolkit to drive tangible change within their organisations.

Congress welcomes the initiative and encourages all members and affiliates to create anti-racist workplaces across Scotland. The PDA will freely share learning and work to facilitate other unions replicating efforts in their own sectors.

Congress calls upon the STUC General Council to:

  • Support the STUC Black Workers’ Committee plans for a one day ‘Fighting for Anti-racist Workplaces’ Conference with Stand up to Racism Scotland
  • Encourage affiliates and their trade union branches to send reps to this
  • Support affiliates in their efforts and for employers and organisations to be open and welcoming of these efforts and to engage with them fully and willingly.

Mover: STUC Black Workers’ Conference

Seconder: PDA

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