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Factsheets and guides

Read the latest factsheets and guides from the PDA...

  • PDA BAME Network launches Tokenism Factsheet

    Thu 14th December 2023 The PDA

    In recent years, many organisations may have taken positive steps towards fostering diverse work environments. However, the perception of tokenism persists in some workplaces. The PDA BAME Network has put together a factsheet to provide an overview of tokenism in the workplace, and to help pharmacists, trainees and students understand its impact and help them lead a conversation in the workplace on the topic. 

  • PDA BAME Network launches Islamophobia Factsheet

    Thu 30th November 2023 The PDA

    November is Islamophobia Awareness Month and to end the month the PDA BAME Network has launched a factsheet that provides an overview of Islamophobia in the workplace. The factsheet can also help pharmacists, trainees and students understand the impact of Islamophobia and help them lead conversations in the workplace on this issue. 

  • PDA redundancy guide launched following events to support members

    Sun 23rd April 2023 The PDA

    The PDA has responded quickly to recent concerns from members facing the prospect of redundancy. Today, the PDA publishes its most up-to-date redundancy guide. 

  • PDA event on NHS re-banding: NHS hospital pharmacists come together to talk about ways to improve pay

    Mon 6th March 2023 The PDA

    Over 40 PDA members, NHS hospital pharmacists from across the UK, met with union officers on Tuesday 31 January to discuss how to apply for re-banding. 

  • It’s Time to Stay Safe at Work

    Sat 4th March 2023 The PDA

    The PDA has produced a factsheet for members to learn more about accidents at work, including the responsibilities of employers, what to do after an accident occurs, and how to reduce the risk of accidents. 

  • It’s Time to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace

    Fri 30th September 2022 The PDA

    PDA Members and reps met last week to launch the PDA’s new toolkit, ‘It’s Time to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace.’ The toolkit includes a factsheet and the PDA’s bullying and harassment incident diary.  

  • NAWP produces factsheet to mark Fibromyalgia Awareness Month

    Mon 30th May 2022 The PDA

    May is Fibromyalgia Awareness Month and to raise awareness of this condition, the PDA NAWP Network has launched a factsheet. The month provides an opportunity to reflect on how people suffering from this chronic condition can be better supported.  

  • It’s Time to Address Stress

    Thu 28th April 2022 The PDA

    PDA Members and Representatives gathered last week to launch the PDA’s new awareness factsheet ‘It’s Time to Address Stress’. The factsheet looks at the causes and symptoms of stress in the workplace and provides advice on ways pharmacists can access support and improve working conditions. 

  • NAWP produces factsheet to mark Endometriosis Awareness Month 2022

    Mon 7th March 2022 The PDA

    This International Women’s Day, NAWP has launched a factsheet to raise awareness of Endometriosis - a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. 

  • Advice and FAQs for prescribing and non-prescribing pharmacists in primary care

    Mon 15th November 2021 The PDA

    The PDA has produced an advice and FAQs document designed as a first port of call for members working in general practice or primary care.  

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