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PDA encourages members to speak out against workplace discrimination

A recent case of discrimination has prompted more members to seek support from the PDA with their own experiences, and pharmacists are encouraged to continue coming forward.

Fri 15th December 2023 The PDA

Since the recent publication of an Employment Tribunal judgement, which upheld seven allegations of harassment related to race against a pharmacist at work, more PDA members have shared their experiences of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, including historical incidents.

In this recently published case, the PDA had a significant role in helping the pharmacist, a PDA member, achieve justice by supporting him throughout the entire process. The PDA has also previously supported many other members who encountered discrimination at various employers, including other pharmacy multiples, independent pharmacies, and the NHS.

Mark Pitt, PDA Director of Defence Services said, “Employment law includes strict deadlines and processes within which claims must be lodged if they have a chance of success, so it is important that members seek support from the PDA as soon as possible. 

We can provide advice and support, then if matters are unresolved, and the case is strong enough, we can support an employment tribunal. However, if, as is often the case, we then secure a settlement before a court makes a judgement, confidentiality clauses mean that no details can then be published.”

The PDA is encouraging members to come forward if they have experienced any form of discrimination at work. Members should note that discrimination matters have a strict deadline of three months, less one day from the last act of discrimination or the last in a series of acts.

Collette Bradford, PDA Director of Organising and Engagement said, “As part of the PDA, pharmacists can make a positive difference to their own working lives and the working environment for their colleagues too. Whether this relates to discrimination or other workplace issues, members should never feel alone or suffer in silence.

Having PDA membership is also about the collective influence pharmacists can find in standing together and with more than 38,000 members the PDA has significant strength. PDA members working together collectively can ensure that employers provide a healthy workplace with good working policies and practices.

We encourage all employed and locum pharmacists who have not yet joined us, to do so now. We invite all PDA members to discover how they can have a stronger voice at their workplace and/or employer by contacting the PDA Organising Team on”

PDA Director, Paul Day added, “Any form of unlawful discrimination is unacceptable. If you have experienced discrimination at work, please contact the PDA Member Support Centre so that we can offer you legal advice and guidance specific to your case.”

The PDA is a proudly anti-racist organisation and believes that discrimination on any protected characteristics is unacceptable. As well as supporting individual victims of discrimination, the PDA provides guidance and tools to enable members to positively prevent discrimination from occurring.

The PDA’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Networks also work year-round to tackle structural discrimination, highlight concerns, and share best practice.

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