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PDA Reps in Boots host ‘how to request an in-year pay increase’ event

The PDA Reps in Boots recently hosted a member-exclusive event on how to request an in-year pay increase. The evening was hosted by reps Nav Bhogal, Jayesh Ladva, Nicola Rees and supported by Darren Ayres.

Fri 7th June 2024 The PDA

The reps ensured that all delegates who attended were briefed on the background and the intricacies of Market-Based Pay (MBP) and how this data is used to set pay scales, aiming to align salaries with the market average. In Boots, the scales are currently set from 80% to 120% of the median average of the market rates. Consequently, anyone paid below 100% of this median average is earning less than the market rate for their role.

Transparency is a fundamental principle underlying the PDA’s objective for any pay system that applies to its members, recognising that transparency fosters trust and empowers employees to advocate for fair compensation.

The PDA has created a ready reckoner to empower members to understand where they stand in terms of their pay relative to the market averages. During the event, Jayesh Ladva elaborated on the use of this invaluable resource, explaining how to use the tool and how to interpret the personalised report. He also explained details of the current pay scales and their applicability. Jayesh went on to explain the pay progression principles used by Boots UK and highlighted some of the key points.

The PDA has also produced a template to support members in asking for the market rate. Nicola Rees, PDA National Rep (North England) shared with attendees how to use this template. Nicola also reiterated the unwavering commitment of the PDA Reps in Boots to support members by reviewing and providing feedback on their submissions where appropriate.

The PDA Reps in Boots are pleased to be able to share that several members who attended the event have already secured a pay increase and expect more members to achieve a successful outcome in the coming weeks.

Nav Bhogal, PDA National Rep (South England & Wales) would like to ensure that all PDA members know how important it is to advocate for their worth. He said, “It’s not just about a raise, it’s about recognising your value, professionalism, and leadership and ensuring it’s acknowledged and rewarded by your employers.”

Jayesh Ladva, PDA Regional Rep (North West & West Yorks) said, “The member-exclusive evening hosted by the PDA Reps in Boots was fantastic. Members asked us to host a session on the very important topic of pay, and we delivered! As with all our online meetings, this was a safe space for PDA members to speak to their reps and fellow colleagues to share best practices and learn from one another. Members appreciated the background of Market-Based Pay and loved the PDA Ready Reckoner Tool, which helps calculate an individual’s salary as a percentage of Market-Based Pay. Members also appreciated the template letter created by the PDA Reps, which will support conversations with their line managers when requesting an in-year pay rise.”

In the pursuit of equality, it is vital that the PDA supports members to address the issue of equal pay. Regardless of gender, race, or any other factor, every individual deserves to be paid fairly for their work. Together, PDA members strive for workplaces where pay disparities are eliminated and all employees are treated with dignity and respect.



Pictured (L-R): PDA Reps, Jayesh Ladva, Nicola Rees, and Nav Bhogal

For more information on equal pay, please refer to the link here for an article on a member event held last year by Daniela Rusalim, PDA Regional Rep (East England).

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