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PDA Education Summer School launches today

After a successful first year, the PDA Education Summer School returns today with FREE online courses for all PDA members. This year the courses cover CV-writing and useful interview tips, building and maintaining relationships, developing effective teamwork, and being a mentee.

Tue 1st August 2023 The PDA

The PDA Education Summer School launched last year and explored various topics, including mental health and wellbeing. Taking into consideration the feedback from PDA members, PDA Education has developed a number of courses designed to help members feel more confident, build and maintain relationships, and develop effective teamwork.

Kate Kensington, Head of Education said, “This year’s summer programme has content that is relevant to all pharmacists, whether experienced or new to the industry. The skills that form the basis of these courses will help pharmacists to excel in their role and we have also included support for those who may be facing redundancy or looking for new roles this year. The courses are also incredibly helpful for our student and trainee members, as they look for placements and transition into joining the workforce. We hope that all members can find a course in the programme that they will enjoy.”

The content includes the following:

  • CV-writing and useful interview tips – This will help pharmacists looking for career progression or new opportunities, students who want to find placements, and any members who may just want to freshen up their CVs and skills.
  • Being a Mentee – Being mentored can provide trainees and newly qualified pharmacists with extra professional and pastoral support. This course explores how to get the most out of being mentored, as well as the many benefits.
  • Building and maintaining relationships – Positive relationships are crucial for pharmacists, and this course will help members develop and maintain them through communicating and building trust.
  • Developing effective teamwork – This course will help participants to feel more confident when dealing with tricky situations, working with other people, and communicating.

The latter two courses also provide opportunities to practice critical reflection and build a portfolio that can be used as part of members’ professional development.

For more information on the content of the courses, click here.

The summer school encourages self-directed learning, meaning that it is accessible to all PDA members as they can learn at their own pace at a time that best suits them. The PDA hopes to build on the success of last year’s summer school.

At last year’s summer school, a PDA member said that the courses were “interactive and encouraged reflection and thought,” with another describing the courses as clear, concise content, easy to understand, and not too long.”

A third member added, “I liked the videos – engaging. The course was a good mix of reading written information and listening to/watching the videos.”

PDA Education is an online platform that provides free training and guidance to PDA members. Since launching in August 2020, PDA Education has run many successful courses and has received regular positive feedback from members. After completing one of PDA Education’s programmes, a member said, I have been so impressed with the PDA and how helpful and supportive they have been.”

The platform helps the PDA fulfill its commitment to support members throughout their careers.

The PDA Education 2023 Summer School has been created with members in mind to help them develop essential skills and provide them with useful resources. All PDA members are welcome to register.


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