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PDA BAME Network launches Anti-racist Pharmacy Toolkit

The PDA BAME Committee officially launched the Anti-Racist Pharmacy Toolkit, which was announced at the 2022 Clinical Pharmacy Congress.

Mon 18th July 2022 The PDA

An online member event last week launched the PDA Anti-racist pharmacy toolkit. The event included a demonstration of how members can use the toolkit to work together to address inequality and discrimination in their workplace.

The event opened up with Elsy Gomez Campos, President of the PDA BAME Pharmacists’ Network, who gave an overview of issues raised by network members as well as broader professional issues including over-representation of BAME pharmacists in fitness to practice complaints, under-representation of BAME pharmacists in leadership roles, limited access to post-graduate education, and bullying and discrimination in the workplace.

Elsy concluded her opening statement by reminding members of what an exemplary pharmacy profession should look like which is about “being treated fairly and being offered the same opportunities to those that do not look like us.”

Manuella Asso, Organising Assistant and PDA BAME Pharmacists’ Network Coordinator, explained what the Anti-Racist Pharmacy Toolkit is about – a toolkit for representatives, members, and other pharmacists to assess their workplaces and to help them take collective action to create an anti-racist workplace culture and environment.

Manuella explained PDA’s approach to the toolkit, which is based on Roger Kline’s No More Tick Boxes research and has a particular focus on union organising in the workplace as the most effective way of addressing inequality at work. The PDA’s values are founded on equality, diversity, and inclusion for all, and are evidenced in representation, education, and empowering members via the EDI networks.

The toolkit uses PIPOW, a proven trade union organising framework that sets out a practical approach to support members to come together, assess their employer, and decide which areas in their workplace requires work.

Through union organising, members can collectively influence policy, strengthen the voice of pharmacists, challenge, make change, and hold employers to account.

Manuella explained what the toolkit includes and demonstrated to members how to implement each step in the toolkit once issues has been identified in the workplace.

Manuella said, “The toolkit can be adapted in different pharmacy settings, as the issues, evidence, and approach will vary from one employer to another. It’s important for members to collectively address issues at their employer.”

Angela Chiweshe, member of the BAME Pharmacists’ Network said, “The event was informative, I left feeling optimistic that tools are going to be made available to address some of the inequalities faced by pharmacists and to ensure that we are progressing as a profession, embracing diversity and encouraging transparency in our workplaces.”

Edwin Panford-Quainoo, member of the BAME Pharmacists’ Network said, “I was really impressed with the toolkit and especially the fact that it can be applicable in multiple settings. It is well thought through and easy to follow. It is essential that the newly qualified pharmacists especially are supported through its use and application and get feedback from them as well. I can certainly see it evolving but the beginnings look very promising.”

Samuel Opoku, member of the BAME Pharmacists’ Network said, “Everyone has a role to play in tackling racism in pharmacy. It was a delight to attend the PDA Anti-Racist Pharmacy Toolkit launch and learn about how the toolkit will help address the issue of racism in pharmacy. I look forward to using the toolkit in my workplace“.



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